When we work with you on your wine cellar build, we’ll help you design a space that is truly yours.

We partner with the best suppliers to bring you quality cooling systems, cabinets and racks for your wine cellar.

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Wine Racks Available in Kelowna & Okanagan Area

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when customizing your wine cellar is which racks to install. Your wine racks will determine how your bottles are displayed, and can really make or break the look of the space. We work with a number of high-quality brands to give you a range of options when designing your custom cellar.

We will work with you to order the right amount and size of wine racks and install them hassle-free. 

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wall Mounted Wine Rack Kelowna
The Vintage View Wall Series is a patented wall-mounted wine rack that features a label-forward design that interior designers and building professionals trust.

These metal wine racks offer a practical and beautiful way to display your Okanagan wine collection in both climate-controlled cellars or simply on wall-mounted displays. 

Talk to us about your needs, and we can get the right style for your future wine cellar or display delivered and installed for you.

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Elite Kit Wine Rack – Genuwine Cellars

Elite Kit Wine Rack – Genuwine Cellars

Elite Kit Wine Rack by Genuwine offers high-quality wine storage solutions, a premium alternative to custom built wine cellar racking systems. Made from Mahogany, Clear Cherry, & Rosewood; featuring angle-cut blocks; and above-rack case storage.

A more traditional style of wine display, Genuwine offers a range of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of cellars, wine rooms or feature walls. Talk to us about custom building cabinetry to fit your new Genuwine display seamlessly into your home and ensure that the space is correctly insulated and regulated.

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Ultra Wine Racks – HZ Rails

Ultra wine racks offer a flexible solution to your wine cellar or wine display needs, allowing you to display your wine in pre-existing spaces creatively.

Choose between one, two and three bottles per rack, or add on as your wine collection grows. If you’re looking for a flexible solution, this is for you.

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Wine Cellar Cooling Units

A steady, cool climate is critical for every wine cellar or storage solution. While Mother Nature can do the job in deep caves, a wine cellar cooling unit is a more practical solution for a modern home!

A temperature of 12°C or 55°F is known to slow the aging process, and a cooling system is critical in achieving those conditions to prevent the spoilage of wines.

KoolR Plus

KoolR Plus Wine Cellar Cooling Unit
The smarter way to protect your wine. The KoolR Plus Systems conveniently monitors the temperature outside your wine cellar with a lighted display, adjusting the power levels and temperatures as it senses changes. This wine cooling system functions independently, quietly, and discretely providing precise temperatures and humidity levels. In addition the sleek style is designed to blend into a cellar subtly.

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WhisperKool offers a range of solutions for cellars of varying sizes and materials – including a range of fully ducted split systems. These units are perfect for wine collectors who don’t want to see or hear the cooling unit in the cellar. Before designing or building your wine cellar, reach out for a consultation to discuss materials, location and size options with us or our partners at Wine Cellar Depot.

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Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian - Wine Cellar Cooling Units
Wine Guardian produces humidity and temperature control systems for wine cellars. Their cooling systems and humidifiers imitate those cave-like conditions found in Europe in your wine storage, wine cellar, or wine display space.
As part of  Air Innovations, a market leader in cooling system manufacturing, well known in the aerospace, military, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and cleanroom industries, their products are trusted to be some of the most reliable on the market. As well as providing quiet, accurate humidity, temperature control through their various products, you will also find an emphasis on energy efficiency, a staple attribute for modern homes.

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