Top wine cellar innovations in 2022

Top wine cellar innovations in 2022

We’ve said it before: you hang your art collection on the wall, showcase your books on a shelf, and place your china in a cabinet. If you’re proud of your collection, your wine should be on display — but the best part of a custom wine cellar? Well, we’d argue it’s just that: it’s completely custom.

We may have explored all the technical pros and cons of a wine wall versus a wine cellar or wine room, and how to determine which is best for your home and your collection, but regardless of which you select, this space is a showpiece and there are countless stunning, creative or just plan innovative approaches you can take when deciding on your perfect design and aesthetic.

Here are a few of our favorites — and our advice before your build them:

Under the stairs

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You can build a wine cellar almost anywhere including under the stairs. That said, some locations are better than others. Stairs are convenient for homes where space is hard to come by or in a home where the stairs are not used daily, but for collectors with high-value wines, this option may not be ideal due to the level of vibration caused by walking up and down the stairs.


If you are proceeding with an under-the-stairs display, there are no shortage of options – however in the Okanagan we would only recommend this for a home where the stairs aren’t used daily, such as in the popular and classic 60’s split-level.

Try something traditional

If space isn’t an issue and tradition is what you’re after, you can combine the use of your stairs storage space or build out a design into any room or exterior house addition.

While savings can be achieved in the use of some incredibly cutting edge faux rock and wood materials, the environmental changes and benefits from using real materials might mean an opportunity to skip some of the climate control features.

This local favorite, Bouchons Bistro, plays host to another great example of a rustic and traditional cellar which has been built out into an open space.

You can admire this stonework and craftsmanship out over hors d’oeuvres on your next date night at this classic Parisian bistro

Pairs well with books…

A lot of homes have shelving for books or trinkets either around the TV or elsewhere in their living rooms and sitting spaces.

If you find these shelves cluttered or collecting dust, or if you have room for more books than you have the time to read, you might want to consider swapping out the TV-stand library or feature book wall for bottles.

Personalized variations for lighting, back lighting and climate control are all possible in these wine wall style storage options.

wine rack

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Let there be light (but not too much)

Source: Vintage View

If there is a wall you want to remove without opening the space entirely it could be another unique opportunity to create a statement piece or feature of another kind.

Regardless of medium (metal, acrylic, wood), there are plenty of freestanding standard and custom options. The advantage of freestanding displays is that no consideration to wall type and support ratings are required. 

Due to material needs, both aesthetically and structurally appropriate. For this reason, freestanding displays can cost a bit more per bottle than wall-mounted options.

Trap doors and speakeasies

While this particular trap door style has the feel of space saving meets modern minimalist, imaginations can run wild with a little bit of extra space if Al Capone speakeasy is more your style.

Cellar entrances have been easily hidden by custom bookshelves, cabinets and even behind title walls!

Beer (or wine!) for my horses

The saying takes on a new meaning when it comes to this rustic barnhouse design. In the Okanagan, the challenge is often to ensure a cellar’s storage doesn’t become too hot in the summer. However, a chilly stable, workshop or outdoor space is at times the only space available.

Outbuildings can be insulated, the appropriate styles of heating can be added and options can be added to suit the needs of your guests and your collection.

Geometric styling

Want to see your collection from another angle?

Custom wine cellar builds mean you get something truly unique that perfectly pairs with your home, preferences, and needs, like these unique geometric shelves.


When it comes to a custom wine cellar, the entire project is an innovation. Our trusted team of Okanagan wine cellar experts can help you find, design and build the perfect custom solution for your home or restaurant.

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