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Why hire a handyman?

Even the most cared for home will have some wear and tear over the years. What buyers don’t know, is if the signs of wear and tear are from a negligent homeowner with more surprises waiting after purchasing, or simply a squeaky door that never quite got fixed. Life happens! A handyman has the skills to fix squeaky doors, repair that drywall, and will even get stuck-in out in the backyard if you need! Our broad services save you from hiring multiple trades for all those small odd jobs before your put home on the market!

What can a Working Hands handle? 

While handyman service offerings can vary greatly from business to business,  we are confident Working Hands Inc can cover all your renovations needs. With a diverse team, we have all your bases covered. And, in the unlikely case it’s out of our area of expertise, we have fantastic local partners who we can call on your behalf. We’ve been in this business for a long time!

How long will the process take? 

The entire reason we moved from general construction services to handyman services was our shared frustration with customers on the time it took to get the little projects finished. So you can rest assured that once you reach out with your needs, one of our team will be with you very shortly to get the process started. And best of all, once we finish, our professional team will make sure that the space is clean, you’re happy with the results and any potential buyers will only see a well cared for Kelowna home!

Kelowna Real Estate
Renovation Services
How To Get started

1. Send Us A Message

It’s as easy as sending us a message, either through the web form below or even on Facebook. Try to add as many details as possible so we can be prepared for the next stage.

2. Schedule A Consultation​

One of our team will reach out to discuss the projects, in many cases a site visit will be necessary, but it’s all complimentary until the tools arrive. Once we know what we need to do, we will give you an accurate quote, no last-minute surprises!

2. We Get To Work

Once you’re happy with the services and quote provided, we will schedule one of our Working Hands to get the job done. Our experienced team are professionals, with no half-finished jobs, no shortcuts, just quality workmanship!

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