Design Trends for 2022 Home Building

Design Trends for 2022 Home Building - Okanagan

There is no doubt that many of us have spent more time at home than we ever have before in the last two years. The time we have spent at home has also looked a lot different to previously, with kids at home, parents working and sharing spaces, much more time cooking than grabbing that quick bite as we leave the office. So it makes sense that the emotions and functions that we seek from our home have changed, and with that, our designs must change to meet these new expectations.

So what can we expect from 2022? Well, according to a few different sources, home is going to look a lot more like ‘home.’ You can expect less of the sterile, minimal white or the industrial designs, but see more of the natural tones, softer shapes and a more pronounced sense of place.

Colours & Tones - Nature Is King

Out with the whites, and in with the earth! Think shades of a forest – earthy browns and greens give a room warmth and natural elements. And to back us up, Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is a soft sage green; October Mist. A gentler approach to colour is a welcome change to many after spending months in a single building – even if it is our home!


Furniture - Flexible & Soft (not just the comfy kind!)

If anyone were as lucky as I was as a child, you will be very excited about this next trend! I would arrive home from school on more than one occasion to find a completely new room – my mother had re-arranged my furniture and created a new space – ensue much excitement. In 2022 we see much more planning for this, furniture that serves more than one purpose, furniture that fits in more than one room or space, and many pieces with a purpose.



Don’t let the practicality of 2022 fool you though, furniture design trends are also heading to the softer side, with more curves and less harsh angles to add to the more friendly interior design looks of 2022. 


Interior Spaces - Flexibility & Privacy

Undoubtedly, due to the pandemic, many new home designs are now moving away from open-plan spaces to a more traditional segmented style. Families seek a little more privacy, quiet rooms and ultimately the option just to close the door.


As with furniture, flexibility will also play a role in space design. For example, our home office may need to serve as a spare bedroom, or perhaps the garage can be used dual purposely as a gym – saving you from displaying your rusty gym weights in the living room. These spaces need to be designed well in advance, with you and your family’s lifestyles and needs in mind. We like to call it Building with Purpose!



A trend for 2022 that will be across the board in exterior design, landscaping, and the interior is a push for more creativity and personality. Like sunflowers? Go for that bright sunflower feature wall or bright yellow cushions. Do you love wine? Create a wine wall in your living room (or better yet – a custom wine cellar!). People are tired of walking into their own home and feeling like they don’t identify with anything. Yes, they might like the prints on the wall, but what do they mean. In 2022 we will find much more meaning and creativity showcased in our home designs. I mean, if you’re building it – make it unbashfully yours!


Finally - It's Yours

We would be amiss not to mention, that trends come and go faster than you can re-design your home… So when designing your home keep in mind your deeper style. If you love minimalism, and strong lines then by all means delete all colours from the colour palate. It is after-all you who will be living and ideally, enjoying your new home!

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